Sunday, May 6, 2012

Super VPN a review for getting Free VPN services

Since I am nearly close to get a broadband connection of 100MB at home, as a Computer Security lecturer and PhD student at BTH (Blekinge Institute of Technology) I am concern about the services and advantages that a VPN has to offer for online navigation and personally to myself and my family.

Lately, is getting more and more popular in Sweden to get VPN services that allows user to protect themselves again attacks where the attackers usually informed about their IP address. Besides other benefits that are concerned with malware and web history tracking.

 To be honest, I have never been a regular user of a VPN. I have used a couple of times for work in order to get access to files that are protected. These files are only able to be accessed by the internal network and here is where a VPN allows a user to "pretend" to the server that its request is been originated from inside the intranet of the company.

 Searching through several services the most of them offer the same: Encryption, Absolute Privacy, Unlimited amount of traffic, High speed internet connection, No provider logs or any trace of your internet activities and so on...

But what got me impress of Super VPN Services is that it also works with my Android devices. As a fan of Android, I posses a phone and a Tablet that both work with Gingerbread and HoneyComb operative systems.

 Another advantage of these provider is the location of their servers. USA and Germany are quite good locations for accessing restricted country content such as Tv shows. In addition to that they offer a Free service for selected users (which I hope this review helps to achieve that SEE HERE).

Hopefully, I would be able to write a further review about the service of Super VPN Services regarding speed, server access, location, etc and recommend this service to my colleges and students all around the word.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Handball World Championship

Sweden was the host of the 2011 world championship, since I was a handball player during my early years and I had some trips to play tournaments in Spain, Dominic Republic and Portugal, it was a must for me to go and watch some of this games.

The group B was playing in Linköping, I went the 17th January to see the matches:



Then I went with my friends Zlatan and his girlfriend Svjletana to Malmö to watch Croatia and Serbia (24-24) playing, and Denmark against Algeria (35-27). It was nice to see this Arena, where the last match was played.


I also went for another match in Linköping, the closing of the group which was leaded by Island. so the matches of the 20th of january in Linköping where:


However, I wanted to see the current world champion france playing, so I went to Jonköping the 25th of January and got to see the matches:


I almost miss them because I forgot to bring my ticket, lucky for me they accepted the PDF that I had in my phone that could display the barcode to be scanned at the entrance. But even better for me was to get to see this high quality matches where Germany, Spain and France were playing. At the end of the day on my way back waiting for the bus in a bar drinking a beer, I ran into the whole spanish team celebrating their victory against Hungary. Lucky for me they were really nice and I got to share some words with some of them talking about the tournament and my past life as a handball player.


The tournament was one of the most greatest experience in my life, first time I get to see this top players of handball, it was a dream that came true. The final game was full of emotions when France and Denmark played an extra time to define the world cup for France again. Sweden and Spain defined the 3rd place for Spain.

3/4 SWEDEN 23 24 SPAIN 30/01 14:30 Malmö
1/2 FRANCE 37 35 DENMARK 30/01 17:00 Malmö
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Starts now

A new year always brings me new thoughts, if 2010 was a very wonderful year, full of achievments and unexpected good things, 2011 it's going to be a very amazing year for me. There are important decisions that I made some time ago that will decide the future of this year.


Lets open the door of 2011 with my expectations for this year:

- I have a very nice and wonderful fiancee that I want to marry her
- I have a thesis to write in order to obtain my degree as a Magister in Computer Science
- I want to be accepted for a PhD studies in Sweden or Denmark to continue my path to become a researcher
- I want to bring my parents to Sweden for my wedding and show them around here in Sweden and Europe
- At the end of the year I want to get back to Colombia and introduce Helena to all my family in Colombia.
- There is a personal challenge that I want to do, and it is to prepare myself to run the half marathon of Stockholm in September (right after my wedding).

Besides all this resolutions and expectations for this year, I want over all the things what everyone is always looking for, and I think I have already found, it is to be happy next to the person you love.

I know 2011 it's going to be

LEGEN .....
wait for it ...
**** DARY ****
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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Xmas in Vimmerby - Sweden


This Christmas I had a great time with my girlfriend Helena and her family, we have a Xmas lunch/dinner and we opened the presents.

I had a very white Xmas with -20C degrees outside. A lot of snow, like one meter or more outside. The best is the quiet and nice town with all the surrounding forest that Vimmerby has.

Very nice memory to remember this Xmas 2010 for ever.
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weekend in Vimmerby with Moose and trees

One of the nices weekends ever, this weekend I went to Vimmerby to visit the parents of my swedish girlfriend Helena. Over there we went out in a local bar, we had some drinks with friends, but what really made this different from other weekends was that I got to see one of the oldest trees in Sweden with around thousend years old.


The second amazing part of this trip was that for the first time ever, I got to see the Moose (Älgar) in a reservoir close to the town. We got to feed them with apples and they made some special tricks with the girls if they put their apple in the mouth the Moose could go carefuly and got it from there very like a kiss.


Anyway, it was a fantastic trip, and I can't wait for the next time i get back there.
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer break in Colombia

After 36 hours of traveling from Linköping, I am finally back in Colombia. My family welcomed at the airport after almost a year without seeing them, from there we went directly to have my favorite colombian dish ... Bandeja Paisa :D in a place nearby the airport.


In the beginning it was hard to get used to the time difference with Europe again, specially because the most of the time the world cup of Sudafrica 2010 was on, and the matches started since 6am colombian time, so in the afternoon I was already feeling sleepy.

I was such a short time, only 3 weeks. The most of my friends complained that I couldn't even see them due to the short agenda and the few trips I did during this visit. I did a short welcome party on my new rebuilt terraza with the most of my family and friends, I try to invite almost all of them but there is always someone forgoten.

First the changes, Medellin my city looks beautiful, my house is completely rebuilt so I have no more my apartment where I use to live. My niece looks bigger, she is almost 15 years now. My mother let her hair grow a bit so she looks a bit different, my father a bit more old but still the same as my sister. And my myself everybody said that I look more skiny and fit, it must be because of the running and the study for the exams.


I could visit my University and my ex-collegues at EAFIT, and give a short tour around since there are new buildings and in a short time they will start the construction of a new bridge on the Medellin river, so part of the University will be affected by this.

The short trips I did during this stay in Medellin were only to Llanogrande to enjoy the famouse "vuelta a oriente", to eat some tradicional food in a town called "San Antonio de Pereira" and of couse to see the "Represa de la FE" which is where I am on this picture.


Finally we spent 3 days in a country house nearby Medellin, and I could visit my 89 years old grandfather who lives nearby.

The trip is over, so I will be in Bridgeport Conecticut USA visiting my cousing and her family for 5 days and then the trip back home to Linköping which will include this time stops in Miami, New York, Boston, London, Stockholm and finally Linköping.
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Friday, May 28, 2010

10km Blodomloppet Linköping 2010

This is my first official race ever, I ran yesterday 10km around Linköping. I have been training for around 2 months, no so constant as I wanted due to several reasons, including the trips. But I manage to score a 55:14 min time and arrive at least not in last position :D. I notice that my shape is not the best even if I put my 100% on the race and improved my time for 10km.

My friend Claudia from Colombia also ran the race, she did the short one race of 5km. I got very motivated to race again, maybe next year the same one, maybe sooner another one :D