Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer break in Colombia

After 36 hours of traveling from Linköping, I am finally back in Colombia. My family welcomed at the airport after almost a year without seeing them, from there we went directly to have my favorite colombian dish ... Bandeja Paisa :D in a place nearby the airport.


In the beginning it was hard to get used to the time difference with Europe again, specially because the most of the time the world cup of Sudafrica 2010 was on, and the matches started since 6am colombian time, so in the afternoon I was already feeling sleepy.

I was such a short time, only 3 weeks. The most of my friends complained that I couldn't even see them due to the short agenda and the few trips I did during this visit. I did a short welcome party on my new rebuilt terraza with the most of my family and friends, I try to invite almost all of them but there is always someone forgoten.

First the changes, Medellin my city looks beautiful, my house is completely rebuilt so I have no more my apartment where I use to live. My niece looks bigger, she is almost 15 years now. My mother let her hair grow a bit so she looks a bit different, my father a bit more old but still the same as my sister. And my myself everybody said that I look more skiny and fit, it must be because of the running and the study for the exams.


I could visit my University and my ex-collegues at EAFIT, and give a short tour around since there are new buildings and in a short time they will start the construction of a new bridge on the Medellin river, so part of the University will be affected by this.

The short trips I did during this stay in Medellin were only to Llanogrande to enjoy the famouse "vuelta a oriente", to eat some tradicional food in a town called "San Antonio de Pereira" and of couse to see the "Represa de la FE" which is where I am on this picture.


Finally we spent 3 days in a country house nearby Medellin, and I could visit my 89 years old grandfather who lives nearby.

The trip is over, so I will be in Bridgeport Conecticut USA visiting my cousing and her family for 5 days and then the trip back home to Linköping which will include this time stops in Miami, New York, Boston, London, Stockholm and finally Linköping.
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