Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Finland in Ferry

In September with some friends I decided to go to Finland with the ferry of Vikinglines, it was only for the weekend but it was a lot of fun.

For me was the first time to travel in such a way, we could spend only a few hours in Helsinki because the ferry was during the whole night on the way there, we had a room to sleep shared with my friends.

During the night the boat has a bar and a discotheque so we enjoyed there a few drinks and danced the most of the time.

About Helsinki what I could see was only a few things, but seems to me a lovely place to live, very quiet with nice squares and parks to chill out. But I'm pretty sure there are a lot of things more to say about it, so I hope to discover this things the next time I get there.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Life in Sweden

Im currently living in Sweden since the 21st August to study at the Linköping University a Master program in Computer Science.

The life in this Swedish town is very quiet and comfortable, I have a very nice flat located only 5 minutes biking from the University, around 10 minutes biking from the city center. Linköping is not that big, it has around 140.000 inhabitants and it is the 5th biggest city in Sweden. It is located in the center south part of Sweden, around 2 or 3 hours by train or bus from Stockholm.

I don't have too many friends but I usually see them on Tuesdays nights in a local bar called HG, there are a lot students here so the parties and the pubs are fun and a bit affordable compared to Swedish prices.

I'm also very lucky, that not far from my town there is an airport where the company Ryanair flights. This company has very cheap flights all around Europe, so this is how I started to flight around Europe during this year to several destinies, I try to go to one different place every month, since I'm from Colombia you never get the chance there to flight at this low price so I'm taking advantage of this now that I can.

However my first trip wasn't flying but in September, just before my birthday is where the adventure of my trips begins...