Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Starts now

A new year always brings me new thoughts, if 2010 was a very wonderful year, full of achievments and unexpected good things, 2011 it's going to be a very amazing year for me. There are important decisions that I made some time ago that will decide the future of this year.


Lets open the door of 2011 with my expectations for this year:

- I have a very nice and wonderful fiancee that I want to marry her
- I have a thesis to write in order to obtain my degree as a Magister in Computer Science
- I want to be accepted for a PhD studies in Sweden or Denmark to continue my path to become a researcher
- I want to bring my parents to Sweden for my wedding and show them around here in Sweden and Europe
- At the end of the year I want to get back to Colombia and introduce Helena to all my family in Colombia.
- There is a personal challenge that I want to do, and it is to prepare myself to run the half marathon of Stockholm in September (right after my wedding).

Besides all this resolutions and expectations for this year, I want over all the things what everyone is always looking for, and I think I have already found, it is to be happy next to the person you love.

I know 2011 it's going to be

LEGEN .....
wait for it ...
**** DARY ****
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