Sunday, May 6, 2012

Super VPN a review for getting Free VPN services

Since I am nearly close to get a broadband connection of 100MB at home, as a Computer Security lecturer and PhD student at BTH (Blekinge Institute of Technology) I am concern about the services and advantages that a VPN has to offer for online navigation and personally to myself and my family.

Lately, is getting more and more popular in Sweden to get VPN services that allows user to protect themselves again attacks where the attackers usually informed about their IP address. Besides other benefits that are concerned with malware and web history tracking.

 To be honest, I have never been a regular user of a VPN. I have used a couple of times for work in order to get access to files that are protected. These files are only able to be accessed by the internal network and here is where a VPN allows a user to "pretend" to the server that its request is been originated from inside the intranet of the company.

 Searching through several services the most of them offer the same: Encryption, Absolute Privacy, Unlimited amount of traffic, High speed internet connection, No provider logs or any trace of your internet activities and so on...

But what got me impress of Super VPN Services is that it also works with my Android devices. As a fan of Android, I posses a phone and a Tablet that both work with Gingerbread and HoneyComb operative systems.

 Another advantage of these provider is the location of their servers. USA and Germany are quite good locations for accessing restricted country content such as Tv shows. In addition to that they offer a Free service for selected users (which I hope this review helps to achieve that SEE HERE).

Hopefully, I would be able to write a further review about the service of Super VPN Services regarding speed, server access, location, etc and recommend this service to my colleges and students all around the word.

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